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Spending too much time or money playing can cause problems and negatively affect health and wellbeing.

One way to stay in control of your playing is to take advantage of the tools we offer that are designed to help you stick to your budget (time and/or money).

But sometimes it’s better to take a break from playing – or even to stop gaming completely. If you’ve decided to take a break, you may find self-exclusion helpful. If you or someone you know is experiencing negative effects from gambling – you are not alone.

Help is available – There is a range of specialist services available to provide help and support gamblers experiencing problems, and for family members and others affected by another’s gaming.


There are things we can all do in order to keep gaming fun. These include:

  • take regular breaks when playing

  • set and stick to a budget for how much time and money you wish to spend.

  • ask a member of the team about player controls to support budgeting.

  • keep track of what you are spending on amusements

  • if you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.

  • make sure you are playing for the right reasons – for fun and entertainment – not to win money or because you are feeling bored or distressed.

Amusement City is committed to a policy of promoting a responsible attitude to playing and provides free literature within the club for the information and benefit of all.


Amusement City’s policy on social responsibility includes measures to prevent crime, ensure that gaming is fair, protect minors and other vulnerable persons, address responsible gaming issues and prevent the abuse of alcohol or drugs. The Club also offers a self-exclusion programme.

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